Exciting News!

May I introduce my new book Kham, a selection of images taken over a period of twenty years travelling in Tibet. She has been a long time in the making but spurred on by the Cambridge Show at @kettlesyard she’s now well and truly here and soon to be found in the Kettle’s Yard Shop.

A limited edition of 50, each book is signed, numbered and stamped with the Ato Family seal. There will also be 5 Artist Editions which come with a limited edition print so watch this space. To purchase, contact me or head down to Kettle’s Yard.

Kham Book Rinchen Lucy

Pigeon Street

One of my favourite things to do in China this year was to watch circling homing pigeons at dusk. It’s strange but I’ve never noticed them before. When having dinner with friends in Yushu I saw pigeons circling and rushed out to find where they lived. What I found was two brothers looking after their parents pigeons. Their father is a teacher at the local school. What I realised was birds in confined spaces freaks me out a bit. To keep the pigeons flying the boys would wave a flag. It was so magic to watch the birds circling round, gradually getting closer and closer, wanting to come home to roost. It had never occurred to me that the birds would want to return, I always thought they’d want to fly away...

Pigeon Rinchen Lucy
Pigeon Rinchen Lucy
Pigeon Rinchen Lucy

No High Hopes

This image is part of on going series exploring iconography in Tibet. Traditionally, all houses would have had a shrine but during the Cultural Revolution these would have been replaced with images and figures of Chairman Mao which were believed to bring luck into the home. Now, it’s balanced somewhere in between.

I love this image as I had no high hopes for it when I shot it but somehow, the light, my three friends, the composition, it’s become my favourite from the year and will be shown as part of a triptych at the @kettlesyard Cambridge Show this October.

Rinchen Ato

Making New Friends

I love the delayed gratification of working with film. When I get contact sheets back I always go through the same mixed emotions of excitement and disappointment. Some shots that moved me when I shot them don’t have the same impact once captured and others, more unassuming ones, now have a power I didn’t expect. .

On selecting images and in reference to her book Approaching Whiteness, the master of editing and sequencing @rinkokawauchi says “It’s not enough that the photograph is beautiful, if it doesn’t move my heart it won’t move anyone else’s heart.’ So true.

Editing Film

The Cambridge Show - Kettle's Yard

Screenshot 2019-10-29 at 12.54.23.png

I’m super excited to say that my work has been selected for the @kettlesyard Cambridge Show where it will be shown with 21 other Cambridge based Artists. Such an incredible space to exhibit, I feel so honoured. .

Golden Hour

Back on familiar ground. ‘Lost, yesterday, somewhere between sunrise and sunset, two golden hours, each set with sixty diamond minutes. No reward is offered for they are gone forever.’

Xining Rinchen Lucy

Snow at Nezang

‘On a journey, as you crossed a stream, the icicles that formed in the tail of the trotting horse would chime like bells as you rode’ My father remembers the time before roads, cars and motorbikes fondly.

Nezang Snow

Beast from the East

While the beast still rages in Britain it reminds me of how gentle the weather here usually is. My father would tell me stories of how you would have to warm your cutlery before you used it in the morning otherwise your fingers would stick to the metal! ❄️

Screenshot 2019-10-29 at 12.42.13.png

Signing & Stamping


Have been signing and sealing the small limited edition prints this afternoon ready for tonight. This seal was my grandfather’s and his father’s before that and so on. The central character is an ‘A’ or ཨ the first letter of our surname. As a government official he would have used it to sign documents. The silver is dented where the thumb and first finger would have been held. Having never had the chance to meet my grandfather and with no photos or other keepsakes it means so much for me to hold it in my hands knowing he once held it.

White Rabbits

I have been photographing these two since they were toddlers. This year felt different, they went to change, spending about half an hour deciding what to wear. Their father bought them the rabbits for their birthday


Spring Clean

After a hard day clearing out cupboards (monks and monasteries not being the tidiest or cleanest of places) the young monks made the most of the sunny day and running water.
It’s so special to finally see these images properly. A big thank you to Hempstead May


Limited Edition Prints

There are two editions on sale at the exhibition.

Large - 23”x23” limited edition of 5 - Archival C-Type digital print - £150 framed or £120 unframed 

Small - 10”x8” limited edition of 100 - Archival digital inkjet print - £35 + p&p 

Both editions are signed, sealed and numbered. All proceeds go to the reparations of the Nezang Monastery temple roof. 

Email for more details: Contact@RinchenLucy.com


And it's up!

A huge thank you to everyone who came last night, to the private view, especially those who came from so far! It was a very special night 

Hot Numbers Exhibition.JPG

Tiger in the halls

Spurred on by childfree time in London, arranging prints for a little exhibition I’m doing, I had some new scans done at Hempstead May.

I caught Chödark in the hall wearing this tiger pelt. At the 2006 Kalachakra, His Holiness encouraged Tibetans to stop wearing fur. Heeding his message, furs and skins were burnt in their hundreds of thousands. This skin was probably donated to the monastery at that time and has been laying dusty in cupboard, a bit like my negs!

Tibet_RinchenLucy_Tiger copy.jpg


“There are and have been and will be an infinite number of things on Earth. Individuals all different, all wanting different things, all knowing different things, all loving different things, all looking different. . . . That is what I love: the differentness.” Diane Arbus


Many of the photographers I admire most photographed twins. These girls are the daughters of friends of mine. Every year I take their portrait

“Be grateful and strive forward."

This used to be a picnic park where people would come and enjoy family days out. When I visited every inch was covered in relief tents. Nearby, banners and billboards hailing the central government’s rebuilding effort, is an earthquake memorial that features a crumpled building preserved under a glass canopy, and a Socialist-style sculpture of muscled rescue workers and grief-stricken victims. “Challenge the limits,” an inscription says. “Be grateful and strive forward."